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What is AdPeriscope?

AdPeriscope is an Adult Spy tool specifically designed to spy on the websites that run around the adult internet world. It is popularly used by website and business owners who show native ads on their sites.

AdPeriscope allows adult website owners to literally spy on other competing adult sites in their niche and analyze what works for them and unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns.

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Features of AdPeriscope

Adperiscope End number of filters

In the starting, affiliate marketers used to spend most of their time to spy on their competition manually, but know they can do this thing automatically using AdPeriscope. AdPeriscope provides an end number of filters by which you can filter your data by mobile carriers, device type, third-party trackers, ad network, language, and the basis of the country.  

Adperiscope Multiple Search Options

AdPeriscope allows you to find the location of a specific advertisement and banners by simply using the focus keyword of the advertisement. Once the banner is found, it can easily spy by this tool automatically.  

periscope data

Adperiscope Multiple Sorting Option

AdPeriscope multiple sorting options enable you to sort and arrange your data more efficiently by duration, ad-strength, date-seen & alexa rank of the landing page 

Adperiscope Advanced Search Options

Use the advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities if you are not satisfied with the results from a simple search. 

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Adperiscope Provides complete list of Publishers

AdPeriscope is only known for this feature as it collects the data of different ad campaigns which was run by different publishers sites.  

Adperiscope Orders popular ads automatically

The spy tool provides an option known as Received Most Traffic which helps you to know that which ad campaign earned most of the traffic and from there you make your creative advertisement by looking at the which affiliate advertisement has done well. 

Adperiscope Alerts

AdPeriscope notifies you on the activities of your competitor instantly. It keeps an eye on the activities of your competitors, so that you can make a powerful strategy. 

adperiscope review

Adperiscope Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

AdPeriscope offers just one simple price tag, instead of confusing users with multiple packages to choose from. You can purchase your AdPeriscope package at $89.99 per month, which includes the following features.

adperiscope pricing

Why you should use Adperiscope ad spy tool to spy?

  • Adperiscope provides two types of search options – Adperiscope offers a simple search and an advanced search. The simple search is easy to use and is favored by newcomers and everyone who likes simplicity. The advanced search is for experienced and tech savvy guys. It gives better results and uses Boolean algorithm. On the other hand, most other ad spy tools like adplexity Adult and others comes with only one search option which is more or less easy to use and has nothing to offer to the tech savvy guys.
  • Multiple filters – Adperiscope offers you plenty of filters to set the right target for your ad campaign. For example, there are filters in Ad type, Country, Affiliate network, connection, the source of traffic, number of days campaign is running, tracker tool , size of ad etc. No other ad spy tool available in the market offers such a wide range.
  • Price – As far as the price is concerned, Adperiscope is tagged with a price tag of $ 89.99 per month per user only. It is far lesser than what other ad spy tools cost and hence is more feasible.

adperiscope review


So that was all for the AdPeriscope . It’s definitely the best tool out there that you can try out for your adult campaigns. However, it is not free. It comes with a price tag of $89.99/MO for per user. So make sure to check it out.

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