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About Adplexity Native 

★ Analyze campaigns from 75 Countries and over 120 Carriers!
★ Spy on Native Ads(Outbrain, Taboola, Mgid, RevContent, AdNow,, Yahoo Gemini, Adskeeper, AdBlade, Runative)

★ Spy on In-App (StartApp, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt)
★ Spy on Banners (ExoClick, Avazu, AppNexus,AdMicro, SiteScout, Smaato, Adform,,Rubicon,Reporo,TrafficHunt,OpenX,Turn,Appier)

★ Filter by Tracker (Voluum, Thrive, iMobiTrax, FunnelFlux, AdsBridge, BeMob, Binom, CPVLab, Prosper202, NewBidder)
★ See campaigns targeting all popular devices including Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones/Tablets
★ FIRST Spy Tool EVER that has Carrier (3G/4G/LTE) Spying capatibilities
★ Find Affiliate ads from ~100 CPA networks with a single click
★ EVERY landing page with page dependencies (images, css, javascript, ..) can be downloaded in a .zip straight off our user interface – no more ripping needed!

What Can You Achieve with Adplexity?


1.  View offers running for longer than 2 weeks

Why is this significant?

AdPlexity dashboard

Well, affiliate marketers are arguably the savviest marketers. With this in mind, you know if a marketer runs an Ad consecutively, it must be profitable.

By viewing Ads that have been running for longer than 14 days, you are getting a first-hand glimpse at what is currently working. This way, you can begin to craft your Ad around concrete proof of current successful Ad campaigns.


2.  Select Ads that have “Received Most Traffic”

Since Spy Tools, understanding the market has gotten relatively easier. AdPlexity Spy Tool allows you to view the Ads that “Received Most Traffic”.

AdPlexity landers

These are the most successful Ads.

Afterwards, you can download the landing page, graphics and tweak the Ad to suit your campaigns.


3.  Filter non-affiliate landing pages from the results

Non-affiliate Ad campaigns aren’t very useful to affiliates.

You know this because they are propped by conglomerates who own the product. For this reason, you can’t compete with them because their margins are huge.

Instead of wasting time sifting through results riddled with branded campaigns, AdPlexity allows you to filter non-affiliate landers.

You can do so using the Tracking Tools or the Affiliate Networks tool.


4.  Extensive use of the search and filter tool


AdPlexity keyword search

The essence of a Spy Tool is to successfully show you what your competitors are up to.

AdPlexity does this perfectly which allows you to see your competitors in terms of:

  • Offers; Are you running the same offers? Which other similar offers are they running?
  • Profit Margins; Are they making more?
  • Ad Campaign Angles; Which angles are they using? Are there strategies you haven’t considered?
  • Popular Traffic Sources funnelling their offers; Are you exploiting the same traffic sources? Are there new obscure traffic sources no one has considered using?

5.  Single click lander downloads


AdPlexity landing page details

AdPlexity offers the simplest way for you to download your competitor’s landing page.

It is as simple as clicking on the target landing page.

Next, navigate to the “Show More” button and click on it

And finally, click on Download this landing page.

How easy!

6.  Easy Keyword search on Landers

Searching for competitor’s landing pages has never been this simple.

You just need a little creativity.

For instance, if you are in search of competitors in the dating niche, just use “dating” as the keyword.

AdPlexity Review

All the results will be landing pages featuring these keywords and related keywords.