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Spy tools are a great way to see what’s already working for your competitors. we’re going to have a look at the brand new tool at adplexity.

What is AdPlexity?

adplexity is a competitive intelligence tool for mobile, native, and adult ads. The cath with other spy tools is they do not accurately represent the data.

  1. You may not have access to the campaign you’re looking at. (which I found that there is still no way around that, you will see an example later.
  2. The advertiser probably had their payout bumped already.
  3. They already blacklisted non-converting placements, device types, operating version, etc.

adplexity pricing

Why Do Should You Use AdPlexity?

It’s no secret that success CPA marketers copy what works. But the most successful affiliates test and tweak their campaigns with the data they find.

Don’t be a lazy and copy what you see. That is not the objective.

Search Modes

So unlocked in you can sign up for free. My first impression was that the interface was really easy to read. my first login, so I don’t know what to exactly look at last year’s

So here we see at the right top of the screen filter by Keyword, by the advertiser, publisher favorites and tutorial and you can find the newest running longer, receive the most traffic.

adplexity trial

Search modes

By keyword

  • In the ad itself – Search for a keyword in the ad title/description. This feature works only for native and text ads (mobile).
  • On the landing page – Search for ads with the desired keyword on the landing page (for example, “Sweepstakes”, “Garcinia” or any other product/offer name)

What’s interesting is the push traffic has a limited amount in the headline and in the, in the sub-headline and the copy itself.

You can save searches, select one of the previously saved. We haven’t saved anything to filter the days running.

By advertiser

  • Landing page redirection chain – Redirections/steps leading up to the landing page [marked in red]
  • Landing page URL – Final URL where the visitor lands (either landing page or an offer) [marked in blue]
  • Landing page outgoing URLs – Call to Action links (and their redirection chains) which point from landing page to outside location – usually to an offer/advertiser [marked in green]

When you select the category, Traffic Source the top networks like Maxbounty, Propeller Ads, and others appear.

adplexity group bu

This feature in adplexity gives you the inspiration to run campaigns for different offers on the current network your using is a great way to look for new traffic sources because of this.

Search filters

Days Running

This is a great way to leverage The 3 Day Rule. You can limit to see which has have been running for a certain amount of days. This is a great way to see which ads received the most traffic.

You can select how many days the ad has been running

Date range

By default, the last 30 days are selected. It is recommended to look at recent data, but this our first log in so I don’t have any.

Sorting options

Search results can be sorted in 3 different ways:

  • Newest – Ads are ordered based on creation date
  • Running longest – Ads are ordered based on amount of days they’ve run
  • Received most traffic – Ads are ordered based on the number of clicks they received. This is a great way to target the ads that were the most successful.

Whenever you run across an ad in a foreign language the software will automatically translate the text for you.

adplexity free trial

You can also check out previews of certain images. Here is an example of a US furniture offer that I clicked on. The preview loads for you to view the image zoomed in.

adplexity coupon, adplexity login

You will come across unusual verticals that can help give you ideas. I saw items like fishing equipment.

I thought it was interesting that somebody would run that on push. I wouldn’t expect that. I usually see a lot of dating, push, adult casino

Page Filters

You can view the traffic that the ad generates. At first glance, you will see data filtered by weekly trends, device types and an annual overview.

adplexity mobile

adplexity ecommerce

Landing Page Information

adplexity extracts a lot of data and goes deeper into the schematics of the campaign than you would have expected. In addition to countries connections, the different lenders, seeing the landing page is helpful. This is a game changer for beginners to see the publisher duration.

Landing page details will show you the image, the redirect chain, and outgoing URL’s.

adplexity zeropark

The landing page quality for this game is really good. I happen to know that this is a very addictive game. Don’t tell your wife about it!

adplexity easter coupon

Again, you get the same tracking information to review.

If you proceed to the redirect you can see the landing pages, the GEO’s involved, and the device types.

similar to adplexity

I don’t think you’re able to run anymore on Propeller ads. I happen to like their traffic a lot. So when that happens you can just switch angles.

Let’s check out the Game of Thrones angle.

Next we will review the landing pages linked to this offer.

Here is an example I mentioned from before about not being able to view the background. That could be because of login restrictions from the network.

Out of curiosity, you can contiue forward to the landing page details.

iamattila adplexity

adplexity native coupon code

But you see that if you continue through that the image will not load.

adplexity adult login

But overall, adplexity is a powerful CPA marketing spy tool. If you’re in my Facebook group or follow my YouTube channel, you know I’m not really that big a lot of extra shit. Especially spy tools.

I’ve never been a fan of spy tools because we run campaigns with a very creative team behind it. But I think it’s entertaining to see what other people are doing because they are using tons of variations.

Wich leads me to the next feature. adplexity will let you download the landing page and redirect the call to actions to your offer URLs

Landing Page Download

From the landing page details, you can download the HTML version. From there you can edit the URLs for your campaign redirects.

Look At Examples of What Not To Do

how to use adplexity for cpa offe

Usually, the bad ones are the ones who received the most traffic, right?. So someone was able to get tons of traffic somehow.

All right. What is that about

adplexity coupon

Here is an example of an advertorial I came across from a publisher. That is different. So you can see there are all types of ads that you will come across.

One observation I made is compared to other spy tools is this one does not have a lot of Nutra offers.

Instead we see a lot of casino casino dating and make money online vertical ads.

You can even filter your results to only show iPhone ads. You can easily tell which verticals dominate.

Plans and Pricing

Right now there is a deal where you can pay an annual membership for 10 months instead of 12. This will unlock the full features.

You also have the option to pay monthly.


This spy tool does a really good job by finding a tremendous amount of ads where most vitals

adplexity lets you dive deep into your targets by using only keywords like women. That can be a useful tool to help you plan your next campaign strategy.

This platform has lots of different spy tools to offer. You can tell they have experience with this and the money to deliver like a premium product.

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