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What Is CHEQ for PPC?

CHEQ for PPC is a click-fraud prevention platform. It blocks invalid clicks across major PPC channels from Google to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, Pinterest, and more.The cybersecurity-driven solution blocks fraudulent and non-human users from clicking on ads, saving clients 10-15% of their ad spend which is lost to invalid clicks.It has been in the news due to its industry-leading ad-fraud prevention technology and in this CHEQ for PPC review, I will tell you if it is worth the hype.

cheq for ppc

Key Features


  • Eliminate invalid clicks
  • Secure your advertising audiences
  • Protect your campaigns on all major PPC platform
  • Granular invalid click analytics
  • Quick implementation

How Does CHEQ for PPC Stand Out?

CHEQ for PPC reviews

I honestly heard about CHEQ for PPC when I read a news article about it being an innovative cyber-security and ad-fraud detection solution. In fact, CHEQ AI is probably the first cyber-security company to enter this space and, therefore, has unmatched technology for fraud prevention.

CHEQ for PPC is the star product that they have launched recently and it has already surpassed already established PPC platforms in the field. It has been in the news and has won many prestigious awards.

Some of the latest feathers in its cap include these awards:

  • The Drum Ad Fraud Solution of the Year (2020)
  • The Drum, Best Search Software 2020 (CHEQ For PPC)
  • Global Search Awards 2020 (Best Software Innovation and Best Global Search Software Tool; CHEQ For PPC)
  • CNBC World's 100 Hottest Startups and MMG Tech Transparency Award

Needless to say, I was very curious to learn more about it and how it is better than the current ad-verification and fraud-prevention solutions.

Here’s what I found:

  • It was created by former Israeli intelligence team members and uses military-grade cybersecurity technology.
  • Advertisers can greatly reduce wasted ad-spend as it effectively blocks unwanted users.
  • It analyzes users on a real-time basis, therefore, neither under-blocking nor over-blocking.
  • Unlike other PPC tools, CHEQ for PPC protects all your paid channels and not just Google search. It is a one-stop-shop to eliminate invalid clicks across everything from Google Ads to Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to Pinterest.

I was hooked. After all, how could I not test these huge claims for myself?

So, I decided to give it a try, if only for the sake of verifying these claims and writing this CHEQ for PPC review.

Want to know what I found?

Well, it is true that it blocks unwanted traffic and junk leads efficiently and is really an industry game changer. To know more about its features, read my detailed CHEQ for PPC review below.

How Does CHEQ for PPC Work and What Can It Do For Your Business?

I am sure you know that a lot of online traffic is actually composed of bots (making up 45% of web traffic). These can click on your ads, infect your funnel with junk, and waste your ad spend by serving online ads to bots rather than to real potential customers.

To make matters worse, in retargeting efforts, marketers spend good money on chasing bad bots, who (as non-humans) will never convert. It is necessary to remove these bad bots from your retargeting costs.

CHEQ for PPC can identify any such fraudulent click activity and block click fraud in real-time.

When you implement CHEQ for PPC, the first benefit that you get is that it immediately starts blocking known fraudulent users from their database, which constantly learns, and protects against the most sophisticated click fraud.

It continuously monitors your ads and blocks fraudulent users and bots. It also segments them under a separate invalid audience segment within your advertising platform like Google Ads.

The key benefit of this is to ensure that none of your current or future ad campaigns are targeted to these users and you don’t have to pay for clicks by them.

Also, this is a much more scalable option as Google allows only 500 IPs to be blocked while blocking audience segments can raise this number to a lot more.

This, in turn, reduces your ad spend and puts your money to good use by showing your ads only to the most authentic audience and improving ad viewability.

Now, coming to the CHEQ for PPC platform, there’s tons of information and insights that you can get from it.

I particularly like playing with data and analyzing it, even though it is not necessarily required. What I mean is that once you implement CHEQ for PPC, you don’t really have to do anything, it will keep working for you round-the-clock.

Isn’t that brilliant?

Still, if you are a curious person like me, here are some examples of the kind of information that the platform provides.

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