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Introduction to Sell The Trend  Product Hunting Tool

Have you ever heard of Sell The Trend? Well, perhaps not! Just as you’ve already known – winning products can still be found by making use of tools that can offer you the best product research. Although, there are lots of tools out there that claim to provide you with the best product research.

Meanwhile, these tools are only replicating other functioning tools, and they upload products that are not in fashion, knockoff products, and counterfeit products.

During my research, I stumbled upon this tool that has impressed me the most. Of all the research tools for trending products to sell in 2019, Sell The Trend has gone farther ahead as an essential tool for searching for hot selling dropshipping products more so for Shopify store owners.

Sell The Trend Review

So, what exactly is Sell The Trend and how does it work? The core feature of Sell The Trend is to allow people to find profitable products to dropship. It does this through analysing sales data from AliExpress, high traffic Shopify stores and also analysing products are trending on Amazon.

However, it is more than just a product hunting tool, you can also import products directly into your Shopify store, has an audience builder for your Facebook ads, a decent Facebook video ads creator and you get access to a simple dropshipping course.

Once inside the member’s area, you are met with the following dashboard.

sell the trend

What Product Research Tools Are Included in Sell The Trend?

sell the trend review

You can see what Sell The Trend does in the image above.

The great thing is that you can do each of these steps yourself with all the different tools that they have inside:

sell the trend


Sell The Trend’s tools, and functions are not restricted to merely the product research tools and their lists of trending products, but it also has multiple features which aid your searches even more.


If you’re interested in a particular product and you want to want to view it again, you can save the item up to your wishlist by favouriting the product with the red heart on the top right corner. This makes it easy to come back and see the item later on, making the process extremely efficient.


If you operate on a specific niche while dropshipping, you can ease up your research and find the products which best suit your business through the product filter functionality. Thus, you’ll only look at items which capture your interest as well as your targeted customers’, without having to waste time browsing through items irrelevant to your business.


While the product filter function adheres to very specific searches, the sorting product functionality comes up with products that comply with a generic niche. Therefore, if you’re a business selling jewelry but aren’t exclusive in your product listings, you can simply choose jewelry from the list and find a plethora of necklaces, earring and other ornamental items. This is great for when you’re open to a number of items which all go along with your general niche. Furthermore, if you’re simply starting a dropshipping business, this feature allows you to get a clearer perspective on what you can sell in different niches, even enabling you to decide on your eventual niche.

Sell The Trend Pricing

sell the trend review

Like many of the other product sourcing tools I have reviewed, Sell The Trend only has one pricing plan that you can either subscribe to on a monthly basis on an annual one. If you choose the annual plan, you get two months free and both come with a 7-day free trial and in my opinion, is totally worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best product hunting tools I have used, it comes with a lot of features (many of which you may never use), and it will definitely help you find profitable products to sell. If you are thinking of dropshipping products from AliExpress, then a tool like Sell The Trend will be very useful for your dropshipping business.

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