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What is SEO Minion?

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is an all-in-one SEO browser extension that can help you with almost everything SEO related. You can analyze on-page SEO issues related to meta tags, language tags, proper heading structure, open graph configuration, check for broken links, detect redirects and check how they work, check for your website’s ranking across multiple locations.

How To Use SEO Minion? (Features)

SEO Minion

  • Analyzer on-page SEO – Analyzer On-Page SEO comes up with a guide that can better enhance and advance the SEO on the current webpage of their website. It displays an error icon if the letter count of your title or meta-description is either too long, too short or totally left empty. Moreover, it is useful to detect keywords in your meta-description and headings. It gives you the ability to have a quick analysis of your page. A detailed examination of your current page is given including page URL, page title, description, images, open graph and much more.
  • Checks broken links – This feature indicates the links with color if there is an error. A color-coded chart of seven colors is given which shows the respective error of your webpage. For example, purple color shows redirection of link, red color shows the link which no longer exists and has no domain, and white color shows some unknown causes of the error. This helps to analyze your link in real-time. 
  • SERP preview tool – Search Engine Result Page (SERP) preview tool is a feature that helps to view your webpage in a search engine like Google. You can type in any search query and the result can help you understand whether your page title and description are long or short. You can preview how your page’s URL, title, images, etc. would look in SERP. 

Pros (Advantages)

  • Free – You don’t even require your e-mail address or a need to sign up. Just install SEO minion and you can analyze your blogs and web page.
  • All-in-one – This tool includes many features which are the combination of all the tools that an SEO would require.
  • Detailed – It provides you a detailed report and visualization of the analysis of your webpage.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Support issues – Customer support is sometimes not efficient. It either responds too fast or takes too long to consider your query.
  • Competitors’ views – The ads of the competitors usually given are few in number and sometimes are wrong too.
  • Site audit – A website with a high number of pages takes a long time for analysis and preview in search engines. The more web pages your website has, the longer it takes to check it, and sometimes is not very accurate.

SEO Minion Use Cases

Among other things, SEO Minion is ideal for looking over a draft of your content before publishing it. The extension shows you many of the things you might have missed during the formatting and content creation process.

Alt Image Attributes

It’s easy to forget to properly label your images, which is too bad because if you’re improperly labeling your images you could be missing out on significant SEO opportunities! Your domain would benefit from a website with high domain authority, like Wikipedia, using your image (you could even upload it yourself). Similarly, if your image is associated with an important event, you can benefit over and over again–so long as it’s tagged correctly! Finally, a well made infographic could also end up getting a lot of traction, especially if it represents original research. An image is worth a thousand words, but you risk missing out on that value without proper alt image attributes.

Twitter Graph

Knowing how your page will be represented on social media, particularly on Twitter, can mean the difference between failure and success. That’s because Tweets can’t be edited after they’re made, so if your content gets sent out with the wrong image and/or description, you could bungle an important roll out.

Simulate Multi-Location SERP

Being able to compare SERPs in two different countries and languages is particularly useful given the nuances that exist between languages and cultures. You may have written some excellent copy only to discover that, in another country, your keywords are contained within the lyrics of a popular song. Back to the drawing board!

SEO Minion Pricing

SEO Minion

How Does SEO Minion Work? (Conclusion)

SEO Minion

SEO Minion tool works for both Google Chrome and Firefox. A number of features are performed by this tool including, analysis, location of broken links, SERP preview, display the page’s speed and much more. Your website’s Google search ranking is viewed at 2 different locations with different languages. Also, all the pages linked to the Hreflang tag are detected. An advanced tool which contains all the features necessary for an SEO is available to you in a single software. This is an advanced available to you for free. So, get your website analyzed by SEO minion.



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