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Spying is a must in 2020 and beyond. If you don’t spy, you could very easily blow thousands of dollars of your hard earned money promoting an offer on the wrong traffic source that will NEVER convert no matter how awesome the offer, angle, or landing page is.

You usually need to eliminate the guess work and maximize your chances of success. Especially now, during these hard times we’re living in thanks to the Corona pandemic that has brought on a major change where millions of people are now out of work and seeking work at home job opportunities and exploring the idea of becoming internet marketers themselves.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, and actually make money in this affiliate space; you need to be very well informed. Spy tools make this possible for an affordable price; even though some might say OMG it’s so expensive $250 for a spy tool, that isn’t expensive, that’s an investment that will help you save $1000s of money; so you won’t lose it all doing stupid shit and taking uncalculated risks you don’t need.

This guide was written as the go to guide for newbies and advanced affiliates alike. It’s the ultimate WIKI you can give to new hires, new media buyers to get them up to speed; the 101 on how to spy and find stuff to base their own angles and creative ideas off of. The entire guide is featuring one of my favorite spy tools for Native, Push, Display, Mobile, and Ecom. adplexity. A Spy tool created by an awesome bunch of guys, who created the #1 biggest paid affiliate marketing forum on this planet named STM Forum. 

This guide features both advanced and simple spying techniques in no order; it’s quite random in fact because I am just dumping my knowledge here, hoping I don’t forget something, but if I do forget a way to spy that you’d like to know, please leave a comment and I’ll append it to this WIKI.

Before you get started, you need adplexity, luckily they gave my readers 30% off which can save you hundreds of dollars each month if you get the adplexity Suite.


How To Find Everything A Specific Affiliate Is Running On NATIVE Using Their Affid Footprint?

If you want to find all the ads, learn about which placements these ad show up for a specific affiliate, this is how it’s done.

Step #1) Find an affiliate worthy of spying. You do this by logging into and on the left toolbar select Last 7 Days, select the traffic source (RevContent in my case), then on the top right, sort it by received the most traffic. Now look for an ad in your vertical, in my vertical it’s LEAD GEN, so i naturally looked for ads that are for lead gen and found this ad:

adplexity native

Step #2) Click through on the campaign link, prelander, and find an aff ID in the URL bar on the offer page as follows:

adplexity pricingClicking in the link inside adplexity took me to this pre-lander. I clicked the CTA button, and was redirected to the offer.

On the offer URL, i looked in the address bar, and found the info i need the “AFF ID” in this case aff=1561

Now that you have the AFFID, we need to go back to adplexity and on the top menu bar select “BY ADVERTISER” and from the SEARCH in dropdown select “All Of The Above” then type the aff=1561 into the enter the query box, and hit the search button.

adplexity trial

Here’s all the ads from the aff=1561 id, when the footprint you use is broad the results won’t be 100% accurate, so you need to append more from the offer link – in this specific affiliate’s campaigns adding “aff=1561&sub=MFRB_Auto_Native” will produce way better results than the broad method.

And there you have it, now you can see all the ads that this affiliate used and which ones were the best and ran the longest. Ripping and running won’t make you easy money anymore in 2020 and beyond. You need to take the ads you found, get ideas, and make your own ads that are similar based on the best performers!

How To Find Out Which Verticals/Offers/Niches Are The Most Popular On A Specific Traffic Source?

Deciding which road you will take, and by road I mean traffic source can be a make it or break it process. Take it from me, I spent $35,000 testing over 30 traffic sources that were UNPROVEN only to lose $33,000 to find just 1 that showed some promise. That’s how COSTLY it is to test unproven traffic sources; and not for the faint hearted.

98% of affiliate marketers prefer to pick a traffic source, then run offers proven to convert on those sources. How do you find out what works on a traffic source the best? Which vertical kills it and which one to avoid? You SPY (because 9 out of 10 traffic sources, unless it’s ZeroPark will NOT tell you what offers to run or are doing well)

adplexity group buy

I’m looking at EvaDav to see exactly what kind of offers are running just on their traffic source by selecting it on the left menu inside adplexity.

This is where adplexity comes in; and this is how you use it to find out which verticals/CPA Offers/Niches work best on a specific traffic source.

  1. Login to adplexity Native for this one (although the process is the same for every traffic type spy tool they offer)
  2. Select the date range of the last 30 days in the Left Menu.
  3. Scroll down until you see Traffic Source, and select the one you want to run on.
  4. I’ve selected EvaDav and waited a few seconds for ads to load, sorting them by received the most traffic.
  5. Next, I started observing what do I see? TIP: Hit the Translate ad descriptions into English to make it easier to understand wtf the ads are for.
  6. I saw Weight Loss Ads for MEN, Crypto Ads, More Weight Loss For Men and lots of Adsense Arbitrage ads with those viral top 10 style articles that are super interesting.

So there you have it, we’ve learned that Weight Loss ads for Men are a good fit for EvaDav, Crypto Lead Gen, and Arbitrage is quite popular on there. You can rinse n repeat this process for other Traffic Sources and then take notes on what you see the way I did. Then pick your niche, and start testing.

How To Find Which Traffic Sources Work Best For My Offer? 3 Examples

Example #1 – You have the final offer URL

Inside adplexity Native (or any), click on ADVERTISER up top menu. Next on top, but on the left side click on SEARCH IN > ALL OF THE ABOVE

adplexity free trial

Typed in the offer URL in the search by advertiser input box, after selecting all of the above for URLs to search under.

Now here’s where the magic happens. Based on the last 30 days data, this KETO offer ran on RevContent (80) and (17). Since it was seen so many times on RevContent it’d make sense to start testing KETO offers on that traffic source. Maybe not this one, and definitely not with the same stolen angles, but your own variations and angles.

adplexity coupon

Example #2 – You Have the Offer Name

You have the offer name but not the offer domain (this might happen, especially if the AM is sleeping and you don’t want to wait 6-8 hours until they wake up, but you want to get a head start on competitive intelligence)

In our case, we’re going to be looking for this offer: Keto Pro Ex

We head into our trusty adplexity spy tool, and we click on BY KEYWORD on the top. By default, it should have the search box set to “on the landing page”. We just paste the name of our offer in “Keto Pro Ex” and hit that trusty magnifying glass to begin our hunt.

And BAM! Just like that, we get 100s of ads for the offer and quickly learn a ton of key stuff.

This Keto Offer is most popular on iPhones & Desktop Windows; MGID & is the best place to run this offer. It’s done well in UK, CZ, USA, FR and DE. Oasis has this offer and so does Viking Clicks – if you want to get on with Oasis, tell Darren I said Hey and he’ll help get you approved!

adplexity login

Intel tells us where we should run this offer at. The more times it’s been seen the better, that means its working there.

Example #3 – Using a Broad Keyword (Not my favorite, but it works)

Let’s say we want to promote Financial Lead gen from Media500. You know those awesome bitcoin offers. We have NO IDEA what traffic source to run it on; so what do we do? We fire up our awesome spy tool – adplexity and type in some BROAD keywords. Here are some ideas: bitcoin, crypto, investment

adplexity mobile

I’ve entered bitcoin and already got back a ton of data showing me landers, angles, ad images that are working well.

This is just ONE keyword I used, what I want to learn is WHICH TRAFFIC SOURCE to test on. So again, I look in the left sidebar and observe what instances occurred the most times.

As you can see on the screenshot below, Desktop is a clear winner here. Followed by iPhone.

RevContent, Mgid are the kings when it comes to where this type of vertical is being promoted.

UK, DE, BR, NL, PH are the top 5 most popular geos for this type of offers.

adplexity ecommerce

How To Find Landing Pages For An Offer That Work? What Kind Of Landing Pages To Use To Promote A CPA Offer?

If you don’t know what type of landing pages to use for a vertical/niche, this is one of the best areas a spy tool like adplexity can help you.

In this example, we’re going to find PUSH Dating landing pages. We want to run on ZeroPark, a PUSH traffic source, so we are going to spy and see what kind of landers people are running in the Geo our CPA Network rep told us they have a high converting dating offer in.

  1. As Usual, we login to our adplexity Push account.
  2. We set the date for last 7 days, and sort it by received the most traffic (this is done in the left, and top menu bars)

adplexity zeropark

Here are my initial results, we’re not done here.

Next up, on the left menu bar we need to our GEO (Portugal) and then scan through the ads, and open the ones that are DATING ads (obviously) like so:

adplexity easter coupon

After opening each ad, we look for the landing page link, and open it, if it looks like a dating lander. We saw it, and find 4-5 more landing pages that we could give to our designer to clean from malicious code, and add our RedTrack click link.

Which Ads Are Making The Most Money For An Affiliate? Spying Using Their RedTrack/Voluum Click Links And Find Out!

We’re using adplexity Push for this, as I want to find out for an affiliate that’s always on the first page of results when I sort by received most traffic; which campaigns/ads are doing the most volume for them (thus earning them the most money)

  1. The URL I am spying on is the Red Track Click Link placed on the pre-lander in their campaign, in this case “”
  2. Inside adplexity PUSH, i click on BY ADVERTISER on the top menu, on the left select the period (This year so January 1-today), then I paste their click link which is with the https part removed.
  3. Next, I sort the results by received the most traffic to see which one was their best performing ad/campaign.

similar to adplexity

To find the best native, mobile or display ads; it’s essentially the same process you just need to use the different adplexity tool.

Which Affiliate Offers Are Being Run On A Specific Publisher In PUSH?

Let’s say you ran some traffic, and now you got a list of awesome placements but you want to learn more. What are others running on these placements? Maybe you are missing something that they aren’t so they are more profitable?

Questions, questions.. how do we get answers… well adplexity search by publisher function of course. This is how it’s done..

  • Grab the publisher name from your traffic source, we’ve selected ””
  • Inside adplexity push, click on BY PUBLISHER in the top menu and paste the publisher name in the what ads run on box… in our case we paste “” and press search. And that’s it, now you can get placement specific ideas on what work there and try and see how you can make money from verticals proven on that placement.


How Do I Find What Ads Are Being Promoted On A Specific Website URL Or Placement/Zone In Native?

This is quite similar to looking things up on PUSH, the only thing that’s different is here you can check by website URL (aka Publisher) or by Zone/Source/Site/Widget ID, as many native traffic sources hide the actual website URLs.

Let’s say we want to check what’s running in website, because we know they have native ads on them.

Login to your adplexity native account, and select BY PUBLISHER on the top menu, paste the domain name – in our example: and wait for it to populate. It will show the results soon, then sort by received the most traffic.

adplexity native coupon code

We can right away see that an app like HONEY gets the most traffic, followed by a game, a language learning gadget, more games, and stuff for seniors. You can get intel on what works, by selecting the right period. For example, right now because of Coronavirus, games and other entertainment, and products that solve problems while being stuck at home are on the rise.

Here’s another example, let’s say we ran traffic and we see potential coming from a placement ID 680530, we want to find out what other affiliates are promoting on this site – maybe we can get some ideas on how to improve our own campaigns on there?

Again, back to trusty adplexity Native, on top menu we select “BY PLACEMENT” and we enter the widget/placement ID in the search box (in this example we enter 680530) and sort by received the most traffic.

adplexity adult login

Seems like viral style articles are the most popular here, aka those top 10 lists. If we explore deeper by clicking the ads we learn that they all point to a website loaded with arbitrage ads for Adsense and Search feeds.

Hope you find this detailed overview of how to use adplexity spy tool useful. Spying is crucial in affiliate marketing success; you can save a lot of time and money knowing what works and where. There are other great spy tools out there like MagicAdz for Facebook as well; does a great job on Native, Push, Ecom and Display. They also offer you carrier spying by providing VPN’s you can use to manually spy and see what kind of ads show up if you access different placements/websites through carrier IPs. A lot of affiliate offers only target carrier specific, as that’s the only way they can convert.

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