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What is Unicorn Smasher?

Unicorn Smasher is a chrome extension developed by AMZ Tracker team to help Amazon sellers about product research. It offers extensive information and data including product metrics, sales estimates, market analysis and more about every Amazon item. It is said that the data collected is based on Amazon and Google trends.

Unicorn Smasher chrome extension only works on the Amazon search results page. Besides, it only works with and Sellers can open the Amazon website, search for keywords, and then click on the “Unicorn Smasher” icon to see the various data about the item.

How to use Unicorn Smasher step by step?

The downloading and installation steps for Unicorn Smasher are very straightforward, but you may jump to the paid version if you are not careful. So, please follow my tutorial to learn how to use this tool.

Step 1: Visit Unicorn Smasher’s website
The website is in cartoon-style, a beautiful and distinctive design. Open the official website from By clicking the GET UNICORN SMASHER button, you will receive a pop-up window for the entry of your name and email address.

unicorn smasherAfter you fill in your name and email address, you will be directed to its chrome web store. Please hold on because this is a paid version that requires you input a credit card beforehand.

unicorn smasher chromeYou can search for Unicorn Smasher in the Google chrome store if you want to try the free version to learn about the features, the first one appeared in the search results is free one.

unicorn smasher download

Step 2: Install the Unicorn Smasher chrome extension

Click the Add to Chrome button after you have searched the free version of the Unicorn Smasher and wait a minute to install it. After the setup is down, the AMZ logo will appear in Google Chrome’s upper correct corner.

unicorn smasher chrome extension

Step 3: How to find a product to sell?

First, open Amazon website on desktop and enter a keyword of product that you’re interested in from search bar.

Next, click on the Unicorn smasher icon on the top-right corner of your browser when you see the search results are displayed. Then, you will see a pop-up window which shows the overview about the products you searched. The details of the product include: product name, number of sellers, variations, price, category, ranking, estimated sales and revenue, reviews, shipping methods and so on.

unicorn smasher not working

Click the NEXT PAGE button in the lower left corner to turn the page.

One of the nice things about the Unicorn Smasher is that you can export the search data from clicking the TO CSV button in the lower right corner.

Besides, you can click the ADD TO DASHBOARD button at the top to save the searched product data to the dashboard for later analysis. However, it seems to be a service in paid version.

unicorn smasher

Unicorn Smasher Pros & Cons


  • Free & easy to use
  • Display a list of the product details, such as rank, estimated sales and revenues, reviews, etc.
  • Manage your search results in a dashboard.
  • Export the report to CSV


  • Not accurate in data. Many users both on forum and app store have given feedback that the data is not accurate especially in sales estimating.
  • Poor customer service. The articles on their support center are out of date, you can only email the support team if you need help.
  • Fewer features than competitors.
  • It can only display data, it can not provide customers with efficient guidance and still requires users to evaluate by themselves.
  • Currently only provides sales and revenue estimates for the US and UK markets.


Overall, Unicorn Smasher is a fair Amazon product research tool which is not as good as it advertised. You need to already keep a product idea in mind beforehand because this is a research tool to help you know about estimated sales and revenue of the product you want to sell. It won’t help you if you have no ideas about what categories you’re going to sell.

Unicorn Smasher can fulfill your requirements completely if you’re new to the Amazon selling or simply want to make a product research and draw inspiration from the information it offers. If you have an in-depth knowledge of Amazon and need more comprehensive information, Unicorn Smasher maybe not suitable for analyzing and tracking the competitors.

Compared to Jungle Scout, free and easy-to-use are the biggest features of Unicorn Smasher, they are also the reasons why it is so popular among Amazon sellers.

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