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What is Webgains?

Webgains is a performance marketing expert, partnering with the UK’s most influential and exciting online technology partners and publishers. On this site, you’ll be able to get detailed information about the innovative products of Webgains, review tips on how to get the most out of marketing performance and update the latest offerings from homepage ads, and more.

As the product data feed fields in Magento 2 and Webgains are definitely compatible, store’ s admin can apply these fields to their product data, which generates Product Feed. For the reason that Magento 2 now does not support feed generating, we need to use the added Product Feed extension by Mageplaza. Moreover, Webgains allows users to upload files in .txt, .csv, .xml format. In this topic, we will guide you create data feed in the .csv files by Product feed module.


So How Does It Work?

When a merchant joins the affiliate network, he gains access to the tools needed for setting up the affiliate program for his business. If you are selling products online, then this type of marketing can be very effective. When you join the network, you need to add information about your business and the upload information about your products that you would like to promote. Merchants add different products and offers, which affiliates (also called publishers on the network) can choose to take part in. Affiliates are individuals who earn income by marketing different products through their own channels. Affiliates can be blog owners, website owners, individuals with good social media following and others. The goal of the affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to the product page and ultimately generate sales for the merchant. When a person that has been referred to the site by the affiliate makes a purchase, then the affiliate is eligible to earn a commission. Commissions are predefined by merchants and can be found in the details of each affiliate program.

This all means that affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. Merchants do not pay for impressions or clicks (unless they choose to), rather only for the valuable user interactions and actions such as sales. In turn, this type of marketing usually can only bring benefits to the merchant involved and it is easy to plan the budget. Commissions are paid only for actual sales, so there is a lot to gain here.

Webgains affiliate network offers all the tools you need in order to accurately track sales driven by your affiliates. This platform can also track conversion made via phone calls or leads. Affiliates always use special trackable links when promoting products, and this combined with the integration with the webstore allow for successful tracking of all sales. Accurate tracking is at the heart of every affiliate program. There are lots of high end clients using this network, clients such as Nike, AliExpress, ToysRUs, Samsung, Oakley etc.

Once your affiliate program is active, affiliates will be driving traffic to your website. You will be able to see where your sales are coming from. This will give you insights in how your affiliates are promoting your products. You can also discover who the most successful affiliates in your program are.

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Features of Webgains

Some new features are now available for all Webgains affiliates. You can see the changes under the “Account” section in your administration area. Here’s a list of what is available:

  • Update to personal information like IM, Phone, Cellphone etc
  • Access Levels for Multiple Users
  • Email preferences for network and program level newsletters
  • Other settings like Timezone, Screen Resolution & Call Back Scripts

Webgains Multiple Users

Large affiliate organizations have demonstrated to us that they need to be able to control multiple access levels for multiple personnel as they have many people managing their affiliate account at one time. This ranges from the finance staff to the account manager. It is even more important when you have multiple sites and you wish to separate the tracking and payment performance of each high traffic website. Here’s a list of access permissions that are now able to be controlled

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Webgains Email preferences

Email preferences now allows all affiliates to control what emails they want to receive! We know affiliates are extremely busy and are usually inundated with unnecessary emails. We prefer you to receive the emails you want so that you can read what you are interested in rather than filter everything into a folder until you find the time to look at it… this feature is now live network and program level newsletters!

Webgains Other Cool Settings

We also have a lot of other cool settings for you to play with like call back scripts. This allows you to use our webservice easily so you can be alerted to any new commissions or even any changes to existing commissions. No more digging into reports and making spreadsheets to see how much you have made or how much margin you have left to reinvest in the merchants programs. All the information you need is at your fingertips and can be completely automated.

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Webgains Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Webgains does not disclose pricing information on their website. Don’t worry, this is something that is common with a lot of other affiliate networks out there. Once the merchant gets in touch with the Webgains sales team, he gets all the terms and conditions as well as pricing information.

What is common with a lot of affiliate networks out there is there is a network access fee. This is a one-time payment for signing up on the network and serves as a start up cost. There are usually additional transaction fees that are charged for each and every affiliate sale and payment. All payments are usually handled by the affiliate network and these transaction fees cover the service costs.

Another thing that is common with affiliate networks in general is that there are monthly minimums set for merchants. This means that there is a minimum amount that needs to originate from transaction fees or the minimum amount will be charged, if transaction fees do not reach it. Finally, affiliate networks usually operate with deposits. Deposits cover the commissions paid to affiliates as well as transaction fees.

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Webgains is a premium affiliate network that would benefit online business owners looking to expand the reach of their company. Join this network to expose your products to thousands of high quality affiliates looking to help you with online marketing. Webgains helps you kick-start your affiliate program, boost your website traffic and increase sales. When you join the network, you become a part of the ever-growing team of high-end merchants and you get access to performance marketing experts, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities in online marketing.

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